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     My Performance Plan comes with a lifetime guarantee!

     I learned my trade in the United States Marine Corps.

     I assisted Cadets and Midshipmen at The Citadel with 

     preparation for Officer Candidates School. I participated

     with a breast cancer research project by physically

     training survivors.  

     I am now a Veteran Marine and have started a 
lifelong career

     of helping others achieve optimal performance. This is how I 

     support my wife and five children. 

     In order to improve your performance,  you need a performance instructor trained to identify  

     particular deficiencies and with the knowledge to be able to show you how to correct those

     deficiencies. This is how you will achieve the most optimal performance possible. 

     Call me for an appointment today! It is that simple! You have nothing to lose and nothing but a lifetime

     of allowing me to help you get your body in - and staying in - the best condition it can possibly be.

     Thank you, 

     Daniel Mickel, CSCS, LMT 10195

     Beaufort's Performance Guru